Using VI or VIM for Linux – making your editor a much richer experience

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Vi is to the Linux/Unix world as ‘edit’ is to MS-DOS. If you use Vi, you are probably aware of vim, which a more robust tool, but very similar. I won’t dive into the whole history – goto Wikipedia for that.

Unless you have specifically installed Vim on Ubuntu or modified the .vimrc file on OpenSuse, you will probably get the basic text interface to the text file you are editing. All the text will be one color and there are no line numbers.

Adding this .vimrc text file to your home directory will light up the editor like a Christmas tree. You’ll be able to edit html, jsp, xml, properties files and more have a rich UI (for a text editor that is), that will really help you better manage your text files.

For ubuntu, be sure and run “apt-get install vim” to get the latest version of it. It won’t work until you do!

*NOTE: I am linking to this file from my own website, as the original author no longer has the site available ( I do give proper credit, however to Mr. Smyler, as you have certainly made life easier!

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