Training and Skill Set Modernization

Strongback Consulting offers several training programs to help IT teams gain skills and understanding of modern tools. Training can be done in-house or by using our remote classroom environment.

Why train?

Training can improve your business performance, profit, competitiveness, and staff morale. Fourty per cent (40%)of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. They cite the lack of skills training and development as the principal reason for moving on. Consider the cost of turnover. With one less worker, your company’s productivity slips. Your current staff members are required to work more hours. Morale suffers. To find a replacement, you spend time screening and interviewing applicants. Once you hire someone, you need to train that person. The cost of staff turnover adds up. Figures vary, but it can cost as much as $2,500, depending on the position, to replace a skilled employee. That is a hefty price to pay for not training staff.

We can’t afford to spend any money on training. After all, what if we train our people and they leave? What happens if we don’t train them and they stay?

Our Style of Training

We develop our courseware to be very modular, which allows us to customize a course for a customer, based their needs. Each module lasts anywhere between 15-40 minutes. The courses are about 70% hands on lab exercise. Exercises are clearly laid out. With few exceptions, the modules are not sequentially dependent. This means that we can change the order of the modules, or if a student must miss a module, he or she will not have to rush to make up the missed exercises. Some of the courses are available as online, instructor-led remote courses which can be delivered to students in different locations. All our courses can be delivered on site as well.

Course Listing

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