Rational® Quality Manager Fundamentals

Overview: This one-day, hands-on class covers the fundamentals of executing and creating tests using Rational Quality Manager.

Audience: Quality engineers who will use RQM to execute and create manual tests.

Duration:1 Day

Format: Onsite or virtual desktop

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of software testing process and terminology is helpful.


  • Overview
  • Log on to RQM Web Client
  • Navigate RQM Projects
  • View Test Plan
  • Quality Tasks
  • States and Reviews
  • Test Case Basics
  • Links
  • Categories and Risk
  • Test Case Execution
  • Snapshots
  • Test Script Basics
  • Test Script Advanced
  • Import/Export Test Script
  • Defect Submission
  • Test Suites
  • Report Basics
  • Dashboards
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