IBM Developer for z Systems (IDz / RDz)

IDz is offered in either online (virtual), or on-site format. We offer our IDz course in the following flavors: COBOL, PL/I, High Level Assembler (HLASM), C/C++ and Java. The IDz Java course is blended with modules from our Rational Application Developer course.This is a minimum two (2) day course, depending upon the modules selected, with three (3) days being a typical and preferred course duration.

  • Workbench Introduction
  • z/OS connections
  • LPEX Editor with ISPF profile [*Language specific]
  • COBOL Editor
  • PL/I Editor
  • Data Set management with MVS Subsystem
  • JCL Editor
  • JES Subsystem
  • Templates & Snippets [*Language specific]
  • Data File Editor
  • BMS map editor
  • Remote Search
  • TSO / Host Emulation
  • z/OS Unix Subsystem
  • MVS Subprojects
  • Remote Compile / Generate JCL [*Language specific]
  • Debugging Batch Applications [*Language specific]
  • Debug 3270 CICS Applications [*Language specific]
  • Debugging JZOS Applications [*Java specific]
  • Software Analyzer / Code Review [*Language specific]
  • Continuous Testing with z/Unit [*Language specific]
  • Code Coverage [*Language specific]
  • Data Perspective
  • Menu Manager
  • CARMA Source Code Management [* For CA Endeavor or Librarian]

Note: due to the nature of product, and to ensure sufficient adoption, we do NOT offer a 1 day course. It is our experience that a one day course does not provide sufficient knowledge to be productive with the product.

Contact a Strongback consultant to plan your IDz adoption strategy.

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