WebSphere Application Server Training

Overview: We offer two instructor-led courses for WAS. The first is designed for Java developers tasked with managing the application servers in a small to medium environment. This is often sufficient for many shops. The advanced class builds upon the fundamentals to allow the student to manage a medium to large environment, and to troubleshoot the environment when problems arise.

Audience: Java Developers

Duration: 2 Days per course

Format: Onsite or virtual desktop

Prerequisites: 1-2 years of Java development experience

WAS Fundamentals

These modules teach the fundamentals needed to deploy and manage a WebSphere Application Server instance in small deployment environment.

  • WAS Introduction and Architecture
  • Installation
  • HTTP Servers
  • Admin Console Introduction
  • Basic Admin Tasks
  • Application Management
  • Business Level Applications
  • Scripting Basics and Command Line
  • Resource Management
  • Web Services Administration
  • Logging and Troubleshooting
  • Securing the Infrastructure

WAS Fundamentals

These optional modules teach advanced topics for those developers tasked with managing a larger environment. These modules are priced extra, and constitute another day of training.

  • Cell Configurations
  • Clustering and High Availability
  • Centralized Installation Manager
  • Flexible Management
  • Fine Grained Security Models
  • Auditing
  • Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Properties Based Configurations
  • Using IBM Support Assistant for Troubleshooting
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