Best practices in rolling out Rational Developer for i, and Rational Developer for AIX and Linux

Strongback Consulting

In june we presented on these best practices based on our expertise and experience in deployment to our clients. This is by no means a complete picture, and will certainly vary by client. However, once you read the presentation, you should have a better understanding about how best to roll out the clients.  IBM i will be slightly different from AIX/Linux for example, but the key principles are the same: plan, plan some more, make the experience consistent, train your developers thoroughly, provide avenues for self learning, and mentorship, and ensure new employees can easily roll onto the solution later.

We at Strongback are more interested in seeing customers adopt the software they purchase, rather than just piling on additional licenses for the sake of selling something. If you are interested in our adoption planning, training, and implementation, please contact our sales office at

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