WebSphere Technical Journal available for the Kindle

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I have a Kindle and am quite fond of it. I find it easy to devour books and my reading has certainly picked up since I got it for my birthday this summer. I’ve put several IBM Redbooks on it for reference whenever I go to a client site. Its nice to be able to pull it up on a separate device, but not have to lug around a book. That said, I’m not terribly fond of reading PDF’s on the Kindle. The page does not scale like a native Kindle format, and navigation is also not the same. I’m hoping that the Redbooks will soon be offered in Kindle format, but in the interim, I’ve discovered that the WebSphere Technical Journal is available in Kindle format. Check it out! Very handy if you crave some technical reading during a flight, or train ride.

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  • I've been reading these on my Android phone with the Kindle app. Really handy to carry around reading material on your phone especially if you don't have a real Kindle.


  • I just got an android (DroidX) last week, and I agree, that is a nice app. I do prefer the Kindle for true reading. It is really made for book reading.

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