Blackberry Lust

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Figures… I buy my Curve (and had to pay full price since I;m a year away from my renewal), and RIM announced the new Blackberry Bold. On top of it all, their building a tool to pull in music from iTunes onto the Blackberry. Just damn.

The new tool would be very handy for those times when you are traveling light and don’t want to bring your iPod with you.

One Response to “Blackberry Lust

  • Just stick a MicroSDHC card in your curve (I got a 4G, I know of people with 8G working) and head over to for a decent music player and you won’t need that ipod at all! will also hook you up with more videos than you have time for.

    Now I’m off to console myself that my RMA’d Curve is waiting when I get in to the office tomorrow (got the “Hourglass of Death” last week). The loaner 8700 they gave me is old school, but does have great battery life since I am not listening to tunes all the time. 🙂

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