Strongback Presentations at IBM InterConnect 2015

Strongback Consulting

Strongback will be hosting two presentations this year. These are in the DevOps tracks, and in the Mandalay Bay side of the conference.

DAX-5162 : C-ing is Believing: Being Smart about C/C++ Development on AIX and Linux 

Session Type : Meet the Experts
Date/Time : Tuesday Feb 24, 12 12:50 PM (Pacific Time)
Venue : Mandalay Bay Expo Hall
Room : Dev Ops & CE Engagement Center

Finding talent for C/C++ development for UNIX systems can be a challenge. However, it does not have to be so difficult. Using Rational Developer, you can have more junior developers or cross-skilled developers do the kind of slick development that punches above their weight class. See how the productivity features of the editors far exceed what vi can do. See how static code analysis can reduce your defect cycle time to streamline code maintenance and improve the performance of your applications.

DAX-3966 : Green Screens? Verde Screens? Internationalize and Modernize Your Green Screens with Rational HATS

Session Type : Breakout Session
Date/Time : Thursday, 26-Feb, 10:30 AM-11:30 AM (Pacific Time)
Venue : Mandalay Bay
Room : Islander Ballroom H

Rational HATS is a solution to dynamically transform 3270 or 5250 green screens into rich web applications. It is a highly extensible product written in Java EE. We will show you how to extend the product to translate field labels on the fly into multiple languages. We’ll also discuss the product’s support for different character sets.

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