Websphere Support

WebSphere Application Server Consulting and Support

Strongback Consulting offers a retainer based support model for WebSphere Application Server, as well as new environment architecture planning. We have extensive expertise in WAS and Java EE, across all platforms including Windows, AIX, Linux, i/OS, and z/OS. Strongback can also provide support for WebSphere Application Server (WAS) after IBM has discontinued available support (such as for versions 6.0, 6.1, and soon 7.0).

WebSphere Application Server Extended Support

IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is often used by many third party vendors to support their custom applications, such as banking applications, ERP applications, payroll, or medical billing applications. It is common for a company to customize or tailor the third party application to meet their corporate needs. If you have customized those applications, it may be impossible to upgrade to the latest without extensive costs. In some cases, the third party has gone out of business, or can no longer support the customizations that you’ve made. Now that IBM has discontinued support for version 6.1, and will be ending support for WebSphere version 7 in April of 2018, your organization is now at a choke point. This is where the experts at Strongback can help you. Such services that Strongback provides include the following:

  • WAS performance tuning
  • WAS error troubleshooting
  • WAS log monitoring
  • WAS application installation
  • WAS scripting and script support
  • WAS upgrade, and fix pack installation
  • IBM HTTP Server setup and customization

Strongback can troubleshoot and remediate your customized applications so you can upgrade WAS, and get back on a support schedule.

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