IDz Implementation Services

IBM Developer for z Systems Implementation Services

Host implementation

One of the first steps of an IDz implementation is to install and configure the z/OS host pieces correctly. IDz has many potential integration points, and it helps to have someone with prior experience help your team out with those integration points. Whether it be security (RACF), the debugger tools, File Managers, or source code management tools (SCM), we can help you get these components installed and configured correctly.

Client Rollout

The IDz client is a different beast than a typical Eclipse roll out. You don’t want your developers to be left on their own to install the clients willy nilly. This is a guaranteed goat rodeo. Instead, let us help you with the rollout. We’ll coordinate with your desktop team to create a centralized, automated rollout so that you can control the quality developer’s development environment and handle maintenance fix packs without going desktop to desktop.


You may have already purchased licences or you may be looking for additional opinions on the best license strategy. While we do sell IBM software and can provide you with competitive licensing costs, we can also help you with the licensing if you have an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) from IBM. Whether you are looking to purchase new licences, add licenses, or just need a second opinion, we an help you with the license strategy that works best for your enterprise.

Education Planning

Education of new product tooling is often neglected and poorly implemented resulting in poor adoption. We have been teaching this tool since 2011 and have implemented it at numerous customers large and small, from financial services companies to manufacturing firms. We understand the education science behind learning such a powerful tool and can help you not just with initial learning, but continuous DevOps based education. We offer classroom based training that can be delivered onsite or remotely. We maintain our own curriculum for IDz for all languages for the mainframe. Check out our course offering for specific topics that we cover. Initial training however, is not the only part of an education plan. For the best success, you need a plan that includes continuing education, self-education, promoting and managing Hackathons, managing content for Centers of Excellence, as well as the development of mentors and champions.

SCM Integration and DevOps Pipeline

A critical part of an IDz rollout is the integration to source code management systems. Whether you are using legacy systems such as SCLM, Endeavor, or Changeman, or new systems such as Team Concert, GitHub Enterprise for z/OS, or ISPW, we can make sure your rollout includes proper plugins and configuration so that your z/OS source is protected, properly compiled, and deployed as part of a Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) strategy.

Productivity Metrics

Part of any rollout should include productivity metric reporting. We’ll help you capture initial metrics using ISPF before rollout of IDz. We’ll then help you capture metrics for IDz usage, and measure them against industry best practices to help you determine your ROI for the overall solution.

If you would like a free consultation to review your licensing plans, or perhaps you need assistance implementing the solution, contact us today.

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