Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solutions

Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solutions

In 2001 a group of 17 software developers got together in Snow Bridge, Utah to discuss best practices in software development. There was this trend in the industry towards this greater level of bureaucracy and ceremony around the product lifecycle. Conversely, this was decreasing the success rates of project teams, rather than increasing them. Project teams were building systems that didn’t sufficiently meet the needs of the stakeholders. They may have been building something to specification, but they didn’t build things that people actually needed. The goal of the agile movement was really to promote these lightweight, more effective approaches to software development. They wrote something called the Agile Manifesto, which defines four values and a set of 12 principles that support those values to describe what works, what does not work.

Over the last 10 years, IBM has developed a solution that embodies the principles of the Agile Manifesto, to help organizations achieve faster results, better quality, higher customer satisfaction, and improved employee productivity.

Strongback consulting has been working with the IBM CLM solution since its inception and has helped organizations achieve a higher return on their DevOps investment. We are experienced implementers, instructors, authors and speakers on IBM DevOps technology. If you are just learning about IBM’s DevOps solution, take a moment to review the introductory presentation below.

Calculate Your ROI by Adopting CLM

This ROI tool is based on self-reported estimates of IBM customers. It will help you estimate your costs and savings measurements over 3 years and convey productivity and efficiency gains.