Installing IBM HTTP Server from an Archive

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IBM now offers a new and much easier way to install IBM HTTP Server. You can now download IHS as an archive from IBM’s fix central. This is available for and above, and is a super fast way to install/setup an HTTP server that properly front ends a WebSphere environment.
Installing is as simple as:

  1. Download the archive to your server (see the links below)
  2. Extract the file via unzip to /opt/IBM/IHS (default directory on linux)
  3. Run the script /opt/IBM/IHS/ to setup the installation’s httpd.conf file.
  4. Update any SSL/TLS certs as needed.
  5. Copy the WebSphere plugin config file into the /opt/IBM/IHS/plugin/config directory
  6. Enable IHS in systemctl

If you are using WebSphere Liberty (such as with Team Concert, DOORs NG, Quality Manager, or any of the Jazz based products), it will generate a plugin-cfg.xml file on startup. This is located in /op/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/logs/state/plugin-cfg.xml. Edit this file to match your environment and then drop it into the HTTP server’s /opt/IBM/IHS/plugin/config directory. We’ve previously discussed why you need to put an HTTP server in front of your CLM/ELM applications.

For the systemctl file, create a new file in /etc/systemd/system/ihs.service, and copy the following script into that file:

Description=IBM HTTP Server

ExecStart=/opt/IBM/IHS/bin/apachectl start -d /opt/IBM/IHS
ExecStop=/opt/IBM/IHS/bin/apachectl graceful-stop
ExecReload=/opt/IBM/IHS/bin/apachectl graceful


Once created, enable HTTP Server to auto start/stop with the operating system using the command:

systemctl enable ihs


Download the archive:

Installing a no-charge, unsupported IBM HTTP Server

Installing and configuring IBM HTTP Server from an archive:

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