AIX COBOL Overview with Rational Developer for Power

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For an environment long thought a dead end, IBM has revitalized the platform with its new COBOL tools for AIX in RDp. The UI is a wonderful replacement for vi or other text based editors, yet allows developers to build upon their vi expertise by allowing common vi commands in the LPEX editor. The COBOL Development Tools for AIX feature of RDP includes many source editing-related capabilities that target IBM TXSeries. These capabilities help you:

  • Access remote files, processes and shells on AIX
  • Identify code problems early through live syntax checking
  • Color tokenize and syntax check embedded CICS® and SQL statements, making it easier to read and write source code
  • Use content assist for embedded SQL statements
  • Access code templates to help write code
  • View code snippets, including predefined COBOL source snippets
  • Select and extract source into a new paragraph using a new refactoring tool

Rick Sawyer did a great job showing off these features. Note that this video does not include the latest features of the 8.0.3 release.

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