Time to upgrade your IBM Jazz environment to 7.0!

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IBM has released its updated Jazz platforms, and in the process rebranded most of the tools. As of this writing you can now download the updated parts from Passport Advantage, but Jazz.net will be available for download shortly.

The products have been rebranded as follows:

Old Name New Name Acronym
Rational Continuous Engineering IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management
Rational Team Concert IBM Engineering Workflow Management EWM
Rational Quality Manager IBM Engineering Test Management ETM
Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization – Engineering Insights ENI
Rational Publishing Engine IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization – Publishing PUB
Rational Rhapsody IBM Engineering System Design Rhapsody Rhapsody
Rational Rhapsody Design Manager *This product is being deprecated and its functionality being folded into Workflow Management
Rational Rhapsody Model Manager IBM Engineering System Design Rhapsody Model Manager RMM

The brand changes were announced last year, and detailed here: https://jazz.net/blog/index.php/2019/04/23/renaming-the-ibm-continuous-engineering-portfolio/

What’s new?

The following blog articles were released on Jazz.net and provide more detail on specific features. This is a major release and as such, we recommend you begin evaluating now so that you can plan implementation for it once the first fix pack is ready (should there need to be any fixes). For large enterprise customers, we recommend deploying after the first fix pack. However, some of these features may be such that migrating now is the best decision, especially for smaller, more nimble companies.

What’s new in IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management V7.0

What’s New in IBM Engineering Workflow Management v7.0

What’s New in IBM Engineering Reporting v7.0

What’s new in Rhapsody Model Manager 7.0 and Rhapsody 9.0

What’s new in IBM Engineering Requirements Management – DOORS Next 7.0

What’s new in IBM Engineering Test Management v7.0

What do I need to download?

The following image shows what is now available, and the part numbers needed to download. The last three items on this list are for IBM Z/OS or i/OS customers only. You will only need the Jazz Authorization Server if you intend on OAuth based user authentication across multiple servers.

How do we upgrade?

If you have staff that currently maintain your environment, have them refer to the knowledge center‘s, interactive guides. You will need to plan out the migration, including backups, recovery plans, client rollouts, and more.

If you prefer to have an experienced professional help you, let us know. We’ve been working with these tools since they were in beta testing at version 1.0 back in 2008. We are a design partner for IBM, and have handled rollouts for many fortune 500 companies. We’ve deployed to every single platform, including z/OS, IBM i, Windows, AIX, and Linux. We can ensure your migration goes smoothly.

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