LotusSphere 2011 Opening General Session Replay

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Normally, I skip out on the opening general session of any conference, as well I did for LotusSphere this year (as well as the rest of the conference for that matter). Usually, they are filled with ooey-gooey marketing speak, and this technophile just does not care for such drivel. I want to see results and answers, or at least, a good business case. I watched in on the OGS for LotusSphere via LiveStream. Kevin Spacey was the keynote speaker, and I have to admit, I was happily entertained by his speech. Usually technical conference make a sport out of who can get who, especially any former Star Trek actor or actress. This one was different. Mr. Spacey has a real history in business with Trigger Street productions, which uses social media to its advantage. He spoke very well about how social media and social software can enable and empower a business to excel. 
I won’t drivel on more myself, but I think you’ll be entertained by the opening here. Oh.. and there are some damn good product demos on where IBM is going with enterprise collaboration software. Advance about 10 minutes to get to Mr. Spacey, or just enjoy the opening band.

LotusSphere 2011 Opening General Session

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