10 reasons to patch your Lotus Domino 8.5.1 Server to Fix Pack 3

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Lotus Domino and Notes fix pack 3 for 8.5.1 was released 3 days ago and already you should be considering patching your environment for these 10 reasons. Here are 8 fixes that apply to the server, followed by two that apply to the clients that you should not miss out on. The server fix pack only takes about 20 minutes maximum to apply. You can roll out your client fixes via SmartUpgrade.  The client fixes are in my opinion not as high of a priority as the server fixes listed below. If your clients are experiencing the two issues I’ve highlighted you could roll those out using Domino explicit policies.

Domino 8.5.1 fix pack 3 server fixes

Fixed a defect that affects attachments during archive operations, causing attachment corruption. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1
Fix for two memory leaks in the backend classes exposed by customer using xpages.
View.getDocumentByKey and getAllDocumentsByKey fails on a very busy View, with a “the collection has become invalid” error. This fix will allow collection retrieval under all commonly occurring conditions and is primarily for the server, but will pertain to both client and server. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1. (Technote #1424178)
When registering users via the admin client and adding the new user to groups, the registration server will crash. With this fix applied to the registration server, the admin client will successfully register the user without the registration server crashing. (Technote #1428766)
Fixed IBM Lotus Domino LDAP buffer overflow vulnerability. (Technote #1420749). If your Domino server sits open to the Internet – THIS IS A MUST APPLY FIX! Do not dance around with security vulnerabilities.
Fix for Cluster Replicator crash which could happen under low memory conditions. (Technote #1314039)
Fixed a problem where the Out of Office Service was responding to an incorrect address. The Out of Office Service was enabled for a user and they responded to a message from a sender in a different Notes domain. The user then received a message from another sender in the same Notes domain as the user. When that second message was responded to, the Notes domain of the first sender was appended to the address, which resulted in an invalid address and ultimately a delivery failure. (Technote #1431077)
With a Notes 8.0.2 server set to use the Out of Office Service and after upgrading to 8.5, some users are using the Out of Office agent instead of the service. This occurs for all users who have the Out of Office service enabled at the time of the load convert to the new mail template. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1. (Technote #1425342)

Lotus Notes 8.5.1 fix pack 3 client fixes

When the desktop policy “Enable ‘Synchronize Contacts’ on the replicator” is enabled, the setting is not honored well on replication page. This fix will make the setting honored well on the replication page.
Fixed a regression which prevents Smart Upgrade from successfully launching a .bat or .cmd file. The workaround would be to launch “cmd.exe” and put the .bat or .cmd file in the Optional Arguments in the Smart Upgrade Kit. This regression was introduced in 8.0.2.

The full list of fixes is available on the Notes/Domino fix list site, where you can peruse all the fixes, not just the ones I’ve highlighted.

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