Are your green screens costing you green (money)?

Does your organization still have legacy green screen terminal emulator apps? Yes, these apps. Sure, they have decades of business logic, and run your core business, but let’s face it. They suck. They are difficult to learn to use, and very difficult to interface with other applications.

We specialize in modernizing these applications to new interfaces. If you want to get your end users to a rich, web-based application, we can front end the application with a tool that will transform 100% of your application without touching the underlying source code. 

We can also take the screen flows and turn them into web services, to which you can consume with other languages such as .NET, Java, Python, Ruby, and more.

Whether your application sits on an IBM z/OS mainframe, or IBM i (AS/400), or even an old Telnet application, we can convert your system to a web or web service application interface .

Strongback Consulting