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Challenges to the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry faces the several challenges today including:

  • Ensuring customer, guest, and employee safety in an ever conflicted world
  • Continually improving the customer experience
  • Reducing the impacts on energy, climate, and the environment
  • Protecting personal information data
  • New competition on the horizon from electric and automated vehicles
  • Collecting and analyzing data from thousands of sensors or connected systems
  • Ensuring IT system performance is both reliable and resilient

Revenue sustainability and growth requires new approaches to both new and old problems. Old problems like improving the customer experience require constant feedback from customers, and analysis on that data to turn into actionable intelligence. You need analytics for growth. But to get that data, you need to capture it first. The burgeoning Internet of Things is a climate ripe with ideas to help you position sensors, robotics, actuators and such into environments best suited to protect your employees, customers, passengers, and guests. The amount data these devices collect can be overwhelming. However, with cognitive solutions this data can be imported and analyzed to produce actionable feedback. Lastly, all of these solutions require platforms that are robust, reliable, and resilient. Such platforms can be augmented with hybrid cloud solutions.

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