The Client

A very busy IT consultant with a full client portfolio and minimal support staff.

The Challenges

  • Time constraints
  • Inefficient and disorganized accounting processes

Record keeping proved to be difficult for this client who worked primarily onsite with clients leaving little time or energy for the detailed nature of doing the books. Over time, the disorganized financials led to a loss for the company.

The Strongback Solution

Strongback started by consolidating technologies and creating an online accounting, invoicing and receiving system to straighten out the financial disarray. Once the process had been streamlined, it was time to define the financial goals for the business. Strongback served as strategic counsel and helped identify a path for the future.

The Results

Streamlining technologies and utilizing web-based solutions, the client was able to more effectively manage the finances, which created greater capacity for more clients and simplified the clients’ account management system. Strongback maintains its relationship with the client as counsel, handles special projects that need resolution and provides ongoing accounting and project scheduling support on an ongoing basis.

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