The Client

A local small business owner, handyman and home inspector, this client runs three different businesses in a rural area of Florida and spends most of his business hours on the road servicing customers.

The Challenges

  • Multiple lines of business with separate accounting
  • Unreliable cellular service preventing onsite customer interaction and processing
  • Too much time to process customer paperwork

The client was juggling three different lines of business and struggled to find a solution for the mountain of paperwork that awaited him after each day out on the road. Unreliable cellular service prevented him using more efficient technology to keep electronic notes, send and respond to emails or complete any of the necessary paperwork.

The Strongback Solution

Strongback found the right technologies that provided the client real-time access to email, the internet and customer files, establishing a mobile office to make more efficient use of time between clients. Additionally, Strongback transferred the three lines of business into an accounting software that allowed the client to view and analyze all three lines collectively or separately, run reports on each of the businesses and have a clearer understanding of the financials.

The Results

  • Shortened customer response time
  • Decreased time spent on administrative tasks, increasing productivity
  • More organized financial structure and reporting system

Strongback’s solutions led the client on a journey to better service customers by shortening response time, enabling quicker invoicing, thus more timely payments and overall better service. Condensing and aggregating customer data into one accounting system provided greater flexibility to manipulate financial data and provided a much easier and smoother process for accounting and tax purposes.

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