The Client

A local art therapist created a proven team-building methodology within her work in the hospital system and wanted to build a business around it.

The Challenges

  • No prior business management experience

This is the first-ever business venture for this client. The expertise of the client was proven in a specific environment, but had great potential to serve the greater business and local community. Getting the business established was something the client was not familiar with.

The Strongback Solution

Strongback worked closely with the client to identify the value proposition, write a business plan, set up an appropriate accounting system, create a pricing plan and a budget to start with. Strongback provided training in the day-to-day operations necessary for a small business, leaving the client comfortable and confident with the established systems.

The Results

Starting a new business is difficult even for seasoned business executives. Strongback provided the experience the client lacked adding confidence and the training and support the business owner needed to get started.

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