The Client

This domestic, industry-leading provider of integrated security, and security related services, is composed of several, large service divisions. Strongback Consulting worked with them to define solutions in their Government Services sector.

The Challenges

Due to the client’s intimate business relationships with government entities at the local, state, and federal level, Strongback Consulting and the client faced IT challenges on multiple fronts:

Compliance and Integration

Varying customers required custom, client-based solutions that met:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines
  • Simple Outline XML (SOX) coding grammar
  • Governmental Regulations
  • Internal compliance policies

Collection and Access

An archiving solution had to meet multiple, detailed specifications:

  • Electronic information had to be producible in its original form.
  • E-mail and other electronic content needed to be saved, unmodifiable, and protected from deletion for a specified period of time.
  • Information had to be accessible, by varying degrees, by the client’s customers.

Compatibility and Adaptabilty

The client’s software and application environment required all solutions to work in conjunction with:

  • Lotus Notes
  • Domino
  • Disk utilization solutions had to plan for long term challenges.

The Strongback Solutions

Working extensively with the client and industry regulators, Strongback Consulting was able to:

  • Create an email retention policy and systems for archiving and routinely scheduled purging.
  • Implement automated archiving of email to central, secure storage.
  • Increase customer’s ease of access to information.
  • Integrate existing software into new systems and applications.

Products and Technologies

As a Software Value Plus (SVP) authorized reseller of IBM software, Strongback Consulting was able to assist the client in integrating these IBM products:

  • IBM DB2 Commonstore for Lotus Notes
  • IBM DB2 Content Manager
  • IBM Lotus Domino
  • IBM InfoSphere eDiscovery Manager



The Results

The client saw immediate improvements to their IT infrastructure:

  • Existing Lotus Domino disk utilization was decreased by over 50%

Strongback Consulting’s solutions encouraged productivity across multiple departments:

  • Legal research times were greatly decreased.
  • Security of original documents and emails was increased beyond required standards.
  • Need for IT intervention by users was minimalized.

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