Systemd Unit file for Rational CLM and Team Concert

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Linux is a very popular platform to run the IBM CLM tools on (i.e. Quality Manger, Team Concert, DOORs NG, etc). However, out of the box, there is not a built in autostart feature for the platform. Naturally, you want this to autostart in a production environment. Here is a handy systemd unit file.

First, create the unit file under /etc/systemd/service/clm.service

 Description = IBM CLM Server
 Documentation = Vist for more helpful IBM CLM tips

 ExecStart = /opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/server.startup
 ExecStop = /opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/server.shutdown

 WantedBy =

Next, enable the service:

systemctl enable clm

Now you can start the service with

systemctl start clm

Shut it down with

sytemctl stop clm


Don’t forget you should also have one for your HTTP Server and DB2 server.

If you need more info on systemd unit files, see the Red Hat Documentation here:

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