Deploying connection information to RDz users in an enterprise

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When rolling out Rational Developer for System Z to a mass number of users, I’ve found there is an easy way to do this that avoids mass confusion, and frantic help desk calls.

Export RDz Connection Information

Usually the connection to mainframe will have many settings and parameters, that are unique to that environment, and even giving a user step by step instructions is usually not enough to quell the number of help desk calls when mainframers are making their first connection.

The easy way is to have one z/OS admin create the connection settings, specifying the host name (always should be fully qualified, and NOT just an IP address), the SSL certificate info, daemon connection type, and port information. Then right click on the connection, and select ‘export’. Save this to a network share, or email it to the target team members. This ensures they enter the user does not fat-finger the SSL connection information when they enter it, and helps to cut down on the number of help desk calls.

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