Whitepaper: Five vital steps for successful software delivery in a chaotic world

This paper covers five steps that can help you address today’s development challenges and deliver software that yields better business results.

Delivering applications that meet the needs of the business can be a challenge in a complex, competitive and constantly changing climate. Diverse and heterogeneous environments are the norm, all parts of which must be maintained, managed and deployed. Many tools and technologies connect and support work. Processes across teams are inconsistent, which contributes to difficulties with end-to- end lifecycle governance. Waste, rework and technical debt abound. At the same time, organizations are striving to be leaner by eliminating tasks that do not add value and by preserving existing IT investments. Woven throughout almost every one of these challenges is the need for speed and innovation while balancing quality and cost. If you have found yourself in this complex, chaotic world, what can you do? What improvements should you consider? What practices should you have in place? This paper recommends five steps to help you address today’s challenges and deliver software that yields better business results.


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